The saree is a representation of our country's cultures and traditions. A saree's elegance is unrivalled, which is why we all like this beautiful garment.

Sarees are a timeless cultural piece of apparel that may be found all throughout the country in various styles. Depending on the many varieties of sarees in India, the basic nine yards of drape can be fashioned and designed in a variety of ways.

Different types of saree that one can look for 

Our diverse culture has given us a variety of dialects, meals, and even Saree styles! We'll take you on a Saree-by-Saree tour of the country! Grab a beautiful saree with unstitched blouse from Fashion FLATLAND and give a refreshing look to your wardrobe. 


Vivacious colours, regal borders, and the rich silk give Kanjeevaram saree with unstitched blouse an elaborate air. Hailing from Tamil Nadu, Kanjeevaram are traditional wedding sarees that have been adopted all over the country for special events. The sarees are made of fine mulberry silk thread and have an intrinsic elegance and grace. To complete the aesthetic, the sarees have a characteristic gold tinge. Fashion FLATLAND offers this silk saree with unstitched blouse to make you enjoy a stunning look at every occasion. 

Kanjeevaram also creates religious motifs based on legendary tales and temples. A Kanjeevaram saree's pallu is usually a contrast hue, adding extra flavour to the drape's texture.


The Nauvari is a traditional Indian saree with an unstitched blouse that originated on the west coast. The name of this saree comes from the length of the saree, which is nine yards. The "kashta" style, in which the saree's border is tucked in at the back, is a highly unique way of wearing Nauvari.

The Nauvari Saree is a sign of bravery, as the draping style was inspired by Maratha women warriors who wore the saree in a dhoti style to allow them to ride horses and battle with ease.


Bandhani Sarees exist in a variety of hues and patterns, but they all have the same age-old belief: they offer good luck and a bright future to the bride. The dying of a Bandhani Saree is done by hand, which is a time-consuming process. Bandhanis are a tasty ethnic saree that conjures up thoughts of Gujarati and Rajasthani culture. Bandhani sarees are delicate textiles that must be stored with great care and preserved over time.

Tant saree

The Tant saree stands out among all the numerous types of sarees in India running from simple to embroidered unstitched saree. This red and white saree from Bengal epitomises elegance. Every Bengali woman's outfit must include a saree. Tant is made of a breathable material that allows it to be worn in hot conditions.

This classic Indian saree included zari work and a richly decorated pallu, but hand-printed Tant sarees are now very popular. During Durga Puja, Diwali, and other festive occasions, the Bengali saree is a popular choice.

Banarasi saree

The Banarsi saree is one of the most popular among the several styles of sarees produced by various states. These silk sarees are famous for their patterns and motifs all the way from Varanasi.

Originally, the Banarsi saree was only made for royalty, and it was woven with actual gold and silver threads. Many varieties of the Banarsi make up some of the best sarees in India today, but its grace has not been lost.

Because of the elegance with which embroidered unstitched saree Banarasi are created, several Bollywood actresses have worn them on important occasions.

Chikankari saree

Chikankari is a sophisticated cloth that originated from the Nawabi city of Lucknow. Chikankari sarees are beautiful in and of themselves, but the exquisite embellishments add so much more. These sarees, which have rich embroidery in soothing colours, can be worn on any day, time, or occasion. Trust and exquisite Chikankari to get everyone's attention. This embroidered unstitched saree can be purchased from Fashion FLATLAND at affordable prices. 

The elements that are reminiscent of Persian handicraft are infused in the Chikankari art. Chikankari sarees are a timeless fashion item that may be paired with straight hairstyles and simple jhumkas.

Odisha saree

Hand-loomed Bomkai sarees are a form of saree that originates in Odisha. The patterns on this saree appear to be new, but they are firmly ingrained in the state's culture.

Women’s sarees with unstitched blouse are popular for everyday wear, but silk Bomkai Sarees are luxurious and festive. The saree is infused with mythological designs and carries influence from the past.

For a different texture, the Bomkai saree uses a lot of contrast hues like yellows and greens. The saree is the essence of grace, and it is made using a lucrative technique.

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